Ph.D. Theses

  1. “Performance of Foundation Connections for Concrete Filled Steel Columns under Cyclic Loading”, Baha Khateeb, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Awarded in Feb. 2021.
  2. “Upgrading Beam-Column Connections in Steel Framed Buildings for Progressive Collapse Mitigation”, Mohammed Abdulkhaleq Alrubaidi, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Awarded in 2020.
  3. “Improving the impact resistance of reinforced high strength concrete slabs”, Aref A. Abadel, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Awarded in Feb. 2016.
  4. “Structural performance of polymer concrete using recycled plastic waste”, Fareed Mahdi, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, Awarded in Dec. 2008.
  5. “Analysis of Missile Penetration into Geological Targets”, Mehboob Anwer Khan, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, Awarded in Sept. 2008.
  6. “Impact Failure Analysis of Structural Elements”, Mojtaba Hosseini, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, Awarded in Nov. 2007.
  7. “Vulnerability of Low Cost Masonry Buildings to Earthquakes”, Iqbal Khalil Khan, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, Awarded in Feb. 2007.

M.S. Theses

44. “Bond performance of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar splicing in RC beams”, Louai Al Aoud, 2019.
43. “A study of kaolin-based geopolymer concrete mix for producing masonry blocks”, Ebrahim Mohammed Moharrm, 2018.
42. “Dynamic analysis of spar platform”, Zishan Raza Khan, 2008.
41. “A study of permeability in steel fiber reinforced flyash concrete”, Jan Nisar Akhtar, 2008.
40. “Behaviour of high-rise building with heavy mass”, Mohammad Moeen, 2007.
39. “Axisymmetric analysis of projectile penetration in granular soil”, Mohd Athar Hussain, 2006.
38. “A study of permeability in steel fiber reinforced concrete”, Farhan Ali Khan, 2006.
37. “Dynamic stability analysis of a taut mooring system”, Mohd Amir, 2006.
36. “Reliability Assessment of Cylindrical Tubes for Energy Absorption under Impact Load”, Ishtiaq Ahmed Makrani, 2005.
35. “Punching Shear Analysis of Concrete Slabs”, Mahtab Ali Siddiqui, 2005.
34. “Analysis of Two Flight Staircase by Finite Element Method”, Moazzam Aslam, 2004.
33. “Nonlinear Analysis of Missile Penetration into Geomaterials”, Sanjeet Kumar, 2003.
32. “Transient Dynamic Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates”, Irfan Ahmad, 2003.
31. “Impact resistance of plain and reinforced concrete”, Urooj Khan, 2002.
30. “Finite element analysis of reinforced concrete subjected to impact loading”, Mohd Shahiq Khan, 2002.
29. “Reliability analysis of nuclear containment against aircraft crash”, Mohd Ashraf Iqbal, 2002.
28. “Nonlinear dynamic response of reinforced concrete”, Habibuddin Alvi, 2002.
27. “Analysis of crushing of thin metallic tubes – curved folding”, Babu Lal, 2001.
26. “Optimization of shell footings for overhead water tanks”, Haider Salman Naqvi, 2001.
25. “Influence of openings on the seismic performance of masonry buildings”, Mohd Shariq, 2001.
24. “Reliability analysis of buried concrete targets under missile impact”, Manjur Ahmed Choudhury, 2001.
23. “Fatigue reliability analysis of a tension leg platform”, Amanullah Khan, 2001.
22. “Optimization of reinforced concrete buildings”, Anwar Ahmad, 2001.
21. “Mechanical properties of different types of low cost brick masonry”, Abul Faiz Ahmad Siddiqui, 2000.
20. “Behaviour of super-plasticized fly-ash mortar-An experimental investigation”, Irfan Ahmad, 2000.
19. “Seismic analysis of building structures”, Mohammad Munazir Ali, 2000.
18. “A study of basic properties of concrete by mixing rice husk ash”, Girish Kumar Varshney, 1999.
17. “Design of single storeyed above ground structures to resist blast loading”, Noorul Hasan, 1999.
16. “Analysis of tube under axial load”, Mohd Mazhar Ahmad Khan, 1999.
15. “A study of soil-structure interaction and optimization of shell footings by FEM”, Mazhar Ali, 1995.
14. “A computer aided design and drafting package for slabs and foundations”, Asif Husain, 1995.
13. “A study of base isolation in masonry buildings”, S. Haider, 1995.
12. “Mechanics of missile penetration into porous rock”, Nadeem Siddiqui, 1995.
11. “Finite element analysis of annular footing”, Aftab Ahmad Khan, 1994.
10. “A study of soil-structure interaction of annular footings”, Prem Veer Singh, 1994.
9. “A study of seismic base isolation in RC frames”, Anil Kumar, 1994.
8. “Missile penetration into granular material”, Haider Azam, 1993.
7. “Software package for piles”, S. Mansoor Raza Naqvi, 1993.
6. “A CADD package for retaining walls”, Syed Mohd Abbas, 1993.
5. “A pre and post processor for finite element applications”, Md. Abuzar, 1993.
4. “CAD software for optimal design of T-beam”, Shamshad Alam, 1992.
3. “Computer aided drafting and design of slabs by yield line analysis”, I.K. Khan, 1992.
2. “Compressive membrane action in RB slab”, Raghunath Das, 1988.
1. “Settlement behaviour of annular footings on Clayey soil”, T.C. Sharma, 1986.

B.S. Projects

  • Design of several structures