Consultancy Works

Major Projects

Bridges: Culverts (Pipe, slab and box), RC T-beam bridge, Prestressed concrete bridge, Steel foot-over bridge of railways, Cable-stayed bridge, Box girder bridge

High-rise buildings

Mosques with domes and minarets

Pavilion buildings


Appurtenant structures: Chute Spillway and Irrigation Intake of Cham Gerdalon dam

150 m high Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) gravity dam for Phase-I study of variants for Shafaroud dam

Earth Retaining Structures:

A 35 m high multi-arch ribbed retaining wall for Ostour dam project

Many brick masonry and RC retaining walls

Industrial structures: Rice mill, Cold storages
Pavements: Rigid pavement for slopping and stepped test track for testing armoured vehicles

Structural design of powerhouse and erection bay of hydro-electric power plant of Gavoshan and Karkheh diversion dams

Substructure (generator and turbine foundation, spiral case and draft tube) of 400 MW Karkheh Hydropower plant

Repair & Strengthening:

Strengthening and heightening of 1000 year old Fariman dam

Retrofitting of RC framed structures, overhead water reservoirs, religious places

Safety Evaluation:

Safety evaluation of 200 m high Karun-1 arch dam, 205 m high Dez dam and 138.5 m high Tajan arch dam

Safety evaluation of many buildings and overhead water tanks and suggested repair schemes

Organized and conducted a damage assessment survey of Chamoli, March 1999 earthquake

Soil Investigation: Geotechnical investigations
Water and Waste-water Infrastructure:

Overhead water reservoirs of 40 to 2200 kL; underground reservoirs

Structural design of sewage treatment plant

Structural design of sewage pumping stations